Make an Appointment to Visit Highline Residences showflat

If you are looking for a comfortable and grandeur condo to live in Singapore, Highline Residences is around the corner for your perfect choice. It is an on-going establishment which will be completed by the mid of 2017. To visit Highline Residences showflat, it is essential to make an appointment first. This procedure is applied because it avoids the inconvenience to the guests and allows the management to cater every guest personally. Also the showflat might be closed from time to time for maintenance and private events.

Contact Information for Highline Residences Showflat

To arrange a viewing of Highline Residences showflat, 61008935 is the phone number to contact. One can call to register for booking the viewing time, as it is a set policy to view only by registration. One can also register through their registration website.

Highline Residences showflat location address

Residency Plan

Keppel Land is the developer of Highline Residences. It consists of three towers and 4 low-rise blocks of apartments and together they are merged with a ridge of green. In the Tiong Bahru estate, it will stand out due to its unique and modern design among other residences. There are 500 flats in the low-rise blocks ranging from one-bedroom apartments to four bedroom apartments, penthouses and dual key accommodations.


To fulfill the basic necessities like retail stores and grocery shopping, one has the Tiong Bahru Plaza, Great World City and Tiong Bahru Food Court also provided with the lifestyle amenities one require. It is located in the city-fringed area of the city and Marina Bay, Orchard Road, Central Business District and Sentosa are within near concurrence. Moreover, residents are spoilt for choices with the plenty of parks such as Tiong Bahru Park. They can visit by a short drive only to the Mount Faber and Telok Blangah Hill Park, providing one with the enhanced wistful experience and memories to spend the weekends with the loved ones.


Apart from all the luxuries provided, it is very favorable that the location of Highline Residences showflat is very near to the Tiong Bahru MRT station and the future Havelock MRT station, only a small walk away. It is very conducive to visit the Highline Residences showflat for appointment and booking by only boarding the MRT train, which allows one to travel within Singapore to any place. Specially, for families with little children it would be a great benefit as Highline Residences is positioned near the reputable schools like Zhangde Primary, Radin Mas Primary, CHIJ Saint Theresa’s Convent and Gan Eng Seng.


Highline Residences Tiong Bahru is a great opportunity to avail, especially if one is planning to get a good place with a better social status and improved living standards in the upcoming year 2017. Contacting and making an appointment is very easy so one should get an appointment for booking a place before the opportunity goes away.

Queens Peak Dundee Road For Couple Flats

Queens Peak is located on Dundee road. It is an ongoing new launch project. It is a project that is near to Queenstown MRT station. This project is different however. It introduces Singapore with all the modern living standards and luxuries that people have been missing over the years.

Queens Peak site plan has a remarkable design. There are 44 storey. It makes it one of the tallest building in Queenstown. It has almost 700 units ranging from one to five bedrooms. It has sky gardens. It also has private swimming pools that come when you buy a penthouse.

There are many other perks. You have a lot of famous restaurants and hotels that are very close to the living estate. There are many grocery stores and shopping malls. For people that prefer local commute, there is the Queenstown MRT station that can take them anywhere they want in the city. The station is located right in front of the establishment.

Queens Peak

Living in Singapore and Queens Peak

Living in Singapore is everyone’s dream. Singapore is a beautiful place. Thousands of tourists visit Singapore every year. There are people that are so fond of being there, that they actually buy apartments there, so when they are free of all work, they can be there and relax.

There are people who go and live in Singapore for different reasons. Many are business people; others might be with there with family. There are many students that come from distant places for studying and several projects.


But sadly living in Singapore is not as easy at is seems. There are many estates that offer residential sites and apartments for the people that are interested. They are also very expensive.

On the other hand, they are not too modern when it comes to the standards of the current living styles. So people face many sorts of difficulties. They are faced by difficulties like having very less facilities, and less reach to important places. They are not able to cover distances without any personal vehicle.

There are no schools or universities that are nearby, there is a lot of other stuff that makes it hard to live in Singapore. But that is the fault of the living estates. Queens Peak is not such a condominium.

Other estates

There are several private condos in Singapore. They have been there for a fairly long time. There are housing societies that offer people a lot. But then again it does not cover the requirements of all the people.

There are several things that are needed. Since, not the same kind of people live in an estate, there are families, employees, students and people of many other professions. They should have reach to places that they want to be easily.

They should have the services that are reliable so that they do not have to worry about their home when they are away. They should be close to the city, so that even if they are a little late, they can reach work in time.

Top 10 reasons why you must buy Clement Canopy Condo

Clement Canopy Condo is the latest project of the two top developers of Singapore. It is under development of UOL and Singapore Lands. There are many things about the Clement Canopy Condo that make people want to get an appointment for the showflat. It has all the facilities that a person requires. There are several perks of living in this new launch.

Many people come and live in Singapore, not all the people have the same requirements and needs. There are different needs of people and all of them depend on their field of work.

The Clement Canopy condo

Clement Canopy floor plan gives the people the perfect and most comfortable living place. People from many other estates are considering this development as their future residence because of all the things that it has to offer. It has the perfect location, it has a beautiful design, it is close to the central part of the city, it has many amenities nearby, it has pricing lower than the competitors and many more perks.

All of the things that are amazing about Clement Canopy Condo are described below.

Top 10 reasons Why You Must Buy The Clement Canopy Condo

  • It is one of the most anticipated project since it is the work of two of the best developers in Singapore, UOL and Singapore Land.
  • The best quality fittings are used in the establishment. The fixtures are of the best quality too.
  • The location is perfect for everyone. It has many schools nearby. The National university of Singapore is just a few minutes away.
  • There are several major roads that link to the residence. There are many expressways too that are connected to the condominium.
  • The Singapore’s 2nd CBD can be reached easily. It takes only a few minutes of drive to reach there.
  • For transport purposes, there are many facilities. Out of the many, there is the Drover MRT that people can use to travel distances within the city. The Clementi MRT station can also be reached very easily. It is also very convenient and can take you anywhere you want in the city.
  • For a long time, there had been no major project in the district 5. The area of Clementi was waiting for a major project like this to start.
  • It has a very remarkable size. It will stand out to be one of the largest buildings. There will be layouts that will be functional in all of the units.
  • There are many amenities around the residence. Many shopping malls are near The Clement Canopy Condo. So, for the people that love shopping more than anything, this can be the perfect place. There are several shopping centers and huge malls near the residence.
  • It is a very good place if you want to make an investment. Many experts believe that. The rates are very reasonable, which makes it an even better choice. As compared to the other estates that ask too much and give so little.

Taking Note of Major Public Holidays in Singapore

When you are traveling to Singapore, it is advisable to be aware of the public holidays in Singapore, as over these public holidays you will find frequently festive occasions being held. On the top of the usual holidays in Singapore which are distributed to most western nations, for example, Xmas day, New Year’s day, Workday and Good Friday, Singapore has numerous public holidays focused on the main ethnic groups that comprise the nation. Here are the major public holidays which are unique to Singapore to be aware of.

Chinese Year

This is the greatest season for the individuals with a Chinese background in Singapore. China Year typically occur in late The month of January or between Feb, because China lunar calendar determines this. During this period if you notice most of the local shops closed, however that being stated there are many celebrations seen with the week for example dragon dances, and also the very unique “lo hay” dinners or lunches (“lo hay” is to possess an individually prepared platter of raw vegetables, combined with sweet and sour sauce, nuts, and raw salmon). Also during this period you have to go to the Chinatown area because there could be special New Year’s lighting displays. Additionally, the Chinatown area is going to be loaded with individuals, all who are jostling for his or her celebratory supplies for Chinese Year.

Vesak Day

Vesak Day may be the celebration of Buddha’s birthday. During this period you will notice most of the Buddhist temples in Singapore hold special praying sessions, along with other celebratory occasions. You can go to the major temples in Singapore for any great vegetarian lunch.

National Day

This is the primary holiday for Singaporeans to celebrate their nation’s independence. It takes place on August 9. You will see an enormous parade close to the Marina San Francisco Bay area where you will notice marches, performances, as well as an awesome military display. Additionally, you will see fighter jets ripping with the sky like a gesture to valentine’s day. Also, make sure to catch a peek at the combat helicopters flying close to the Singapore city center having a huge Singapore flag trailing behind!

Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji

Hari Raya is famous in Malay as “celebration.” There are two separate public holidays which are special to Malays. The very first of these is Hari Raya Puasa; that is a Muslim holiday that marks the finish of Ramadan. During Ramadan, all Muslims alike will have to practice fasting for a whole month. In the last day when Ramadan ends, you will see huge feasts prepared.

The 2nd from the Hari Raya holidays is Hari Raya Haji or even the “pilgrimage festival.” This very day marks the finish of the Muslim’s pilgrimage towards the holy town of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. During this period too, you will notice huge festivities from Malays to celebrate this special Muslim festival.


Deepavali is called the festival of lights. Should you visit Singapore’s Little India during this period, you will notice special lighting displays that commemorate this special Hindu festival. Visit at any Hindu temple there, and you’ll see special candle lights lit to indicate so good had triumphed over evil. This is among the most significant holidays for Indians in Singapore.

By being attentive to any of these holidays which are distinctively present in Singapore Free Content, you’ll be able to trap special festivities which are planned over these occasions. Therefore this can give a better peek at the variety that Singapore provides.

Things to Know About Lake Grande Condo

The latest new launch from condo through MCL Land is the great Lake Grande condo. On the start of the weekend, MCL decided to sell the 636-710 units at Lake Grande. The average price paid by buyers is $1,368 psf, and the most of the buyers belonged to Singapore, i.e. 17 out of total 20 customers. After the national day, 470 units moved were moved by developed, and the URA record presented a record of 68% sold units on that day.

Lake Grande Condo

It is situated in the prime region of the Jurong Lake District, and the complete residential units are 710 in number. It is great, great nd facing towards Jurong Lake. It’s located near to the Chinese garden and MRT. It possesses unique facilities that are as follows:

  • Yoga deck
  • Sun deck
  • Tennis court
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor gym
  • Club house
  • Guard house
  • Outdoor fitness station
  • Children playground and
  • BBQ areas

Lake Grande Condo is best serving the residential units that are capable of providing full family restaurants. They are one studio to five bedroom apartments, fully spacious and well suited to the family needs. Lakeside district is providing great lifestyle direction in full serenity and tranquility. Those who do not want to go beyond the city excitement would find each comfort in its premises. It is the new major regional center that is located in the west and of about 360 hectares. Jurong Gateway precinct and lakeside precinct are located at the same place that offers exciting activities related to the JEM, Westgate, Jcube, IMM and Big Box.

Best thing about Lake Grande Condo

These are the best things to know about the Lake Grande Condo. It possesses the Singapore’s ice-skating rink that is considered the first Olympic size area. Furthermore, the facility of best IMAX Theater is a privilege. Another option encompasses multiple pleasures, dining, shopping and entertaining facilities. Boutique waterfront restaurants and hotels offer the great source of enjoyment to an audience. Lake Grande showflat is location at Jurong East Street 31.

Moreover, 500,000 square meter spaces for future business offices is approximated plus hospitals facility. These are sufficient attraction options for natives, foreigners, and visitors. They are also related to the strong job creation and other services while catering high future demand for rent, huge investment potential, and capital value.

The Waterfront at Lake Grande Condo

Waterfront at Lake Grande Condo is of extreme significance since it features water activities and great fascination. Kayaking and dragon boating is involving families and kids for fun and adventure. It is near to the school and good institutes like Ruling Primary School, a Canadian school, and River Valley School enjoy these privileges. Best suited, ideal place with fantastic location Lake Grande Condo is considered to be the potential investment in near future that is famous for grandeur, symbolizes class and progressing gradually. It offers an excellent opportunity to all and particularly those who are thinking once to go would definitely go again. This development is attributed to the creative mind and is connected to the leading transportation service.

Why Buyers and Investors are Falling in Love with Alex Residences

Alex Residences is an apartment type residential new launch developed by Singland Homes Pte. Ltd. The term of lease period is 99-years. It is expected that that 40 floors high building will complete in 2018 to 2019-time period.

Alex Residences is equipped with all the modern-day facilities that make it unique and exclusive for the buyers and investor. The Alex condo reviews are great which adds up to the value creation. Many of the other attractive features for buyers and investors are discussed here.

Alex Residences

Capital Appreciation at Alex Residences

There are great chances of the profits. The high potential of increasing the investment made makes it more eye-catching. This is the key attracting point for the investors because all they look for is profit potential of the project. With the price your paid for Alex Residences price, there are many features that ensure the success if this project. First, the developers are experienced and famous for their excellent work. Second, the society is equipped with all the modern-day amenities to give people the excellent experience of living. Last, the society is present at the central position to access all the benefits. It is the central hub for all the basic and luxurious facilities.


This is the attribute that makes it more attractive for the buyers of home residence. They consider it a complete place with all the modern-day life facilities available at the single point. All the major roads and MRT station are present at the small distance to cater the need of mobility. This makes traveling really easy for the residents. The very well neighboring and supreme location makes it an extraordinary investment for the investors. The luxurious tower with all the amenities is an ideal place to live in.

Rental potential of Alex Residences

The potential of high rent rates is also great. The investors and buyers are investing in this great project to earn huge profits by taking considerable rent rates. The likelihood is from Biopolis, NUS, NUH and many other investors will take benefit of this amazing opportunity. The rental potential is high because of the inclusive facilities and high-end amenities to the residents.

First-rate location

The position of the housing scheme is amazing. You can have the view of all the key locations in the city and access any facility imaginable. The condo is also situated in the center of three very well residential housing societies that are Tiong Bahru, Rehill, and Queenstown. The availability of these three societies makes it a project with such a high potential for growth and an eye-catching investment for the investors and buyers. It has connections with major roads like Alexandra road and Ayer Rajah Expressway making easy the mobility for the residents.

There are innumerable other exciting features like a rooftop pool, a sky-high terrace that makes it an exceptional project for investment. The investors are heavily investing in Alex Residences because of the limited availability of only 490 units. This is undoubtedly a remarkable place to live in with a maximum number of facilities in the vicinity.

Alex Residences showflat is located just right next to the actual development site.