Queens Peak Dundee Road For Couple Flats

Queens Peak is located on Dundee road. It is an ongoing new launch project. It is a project that is near to Queenstown MRT station. This project is different however. It introduces Singapore with all the modern living standards and luxuries that people have been missing over the years.

Queens Peak site plan has a remarkable design. There are 44 storey. It makes it one of the tallest building in Queenstown. It has almost 700 units ranging from one to five bedrooms. It has sky gardens. It also has private swimming pools that come when you buy a penthouse.

There are many other perks. You have a lot of famous restaurants and hotels that are very close to the living estate. There are many grocery stores and shopping malls. For people that prefer local commute, there is the Queenstown MRT station that can take them anywhere they want in the city. The station is located right in front of the establishment.

Queens Peak

Living in Singapore and Queens Peak

Living in Singapore is everyone’s dream. Singapore is a beautiful place. Thousands of tourists visit Singapore every year. There are people that are so fond of being there, that they actually buy apartments there, so when they are free of all work, they can be there and relax.

There are people who go and live in Singapore for different reasons. Many are business people; others might be with there with family. There are many students that come from distant places for studying and several projects.


But sadly living in Singapore is not as easy at is seems. There are many estates that offer residential sites and apartments for the people that are interested. They are also very expensive.

On the other hand, they are not too modern when it comes to the standards of the current living styles. So people face many sorts of difficulties. They are faced by difficulties like having very less facilities, and less reach to important places. They are not able to cover distances without any personal vehicle.

There are no schools or universities that are nearby, there is a lot of other stuff that makes it hard to live in Singapore. But that is the fault of the living estates. Queens Peak is not such a condominium.

Other estates

There are several private condos in Singapore. They have been there for a fairly long time. There are housing societies that offer people a lot. But then again it does not cover the requirements of all the people.

There are several things that are needed. Since, not the same kind of people live in an estate, there are families, employees, students and people of many other professions. They should have reach to places that they want to be easily.

They should have the services that are reliable so that they do not have to worry about their home when they are away. They should be close to the city, so that even if they are a little late, they can reach work in time.

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